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Dear musicians, amateurs, connoisseurs and classical music fans!

Greetings from the Compozitor Publishing House • Saint-Petersburg, one of the biggest music publishing houses in Russia, award winning participant of book fairs and exhibitions, the oldest prize holder in the field.

Our activity is mainly devoted to the Petersburg musical culture, to the representatives of the Petersburg composition school — from Bortnyansky and Glinka up to most glorious contemporaries like Sergei Slonimsky, Leonid Desyatnikov and Alexander Knaifel.

Only those who know the music by Veniamin Basner, Andrey Petrov, Isaak Shvarts, Igor Kornelyuk, Vadim Bibergan can enjoy their fabulous melodies, songs, pieces of music-and we invite you to get acquainted with them. Their songs and romances and soundrtacks are among the titles of our catalogues…

The catalogue comprises about 3000 titles (classics and modern music), educational literature and reference books, music for children, music scores and CDs. Here you may find:

  • Symphony scores
  • Opera and ballet piano scores
  • Popular music songs from popular movies and songs for children
  • Easy arrangements of classics and music with guitar tabs.

General circulation more than one million copies.

Theatres, music and concert companies are given the opportunity of hiring music at the Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg as well as receiving required authorization and licensing for recordings and performances subject to the intellectual property legislation.

This website gives you the opportunity to find the information about distinguished people, musicians’ biographies and much about our authors and partners.




Featured Publications
Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Reference book for musicians. Complete In 2 volumes
Author:  SlonimskyN.
Collected works. Vol. 7. Balzaminov's Marriage. Ballet. Score
Author:  GavrilinV.
Series String Orchestra Library. World Music Masterpieces Orchestrated by G.Korchmar. 24 Preludes. Op. 34. Score (+CD)
Author:  ShostakovichD.
Collected Works. Series VI. Chamber Works. Vol. 1. P. 4. Sonata 3 for violin and piano. Piano score and part
Author:  SchnittkeA.