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Svetlana Tairova,
Editor-in-Chief, General Director

Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg today is a highly qualified team of thoroughly trained award winning engravers and editors, where the traditions of predecessors are cherished and lovingly preserved.

The Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg features
the staff of highly qualified professionals, including editors, engravers, proof-readers;
modern publishing technologies, highest possible quality criteria;
exclusive rights for the publication of works by many composers in Petersburg and in Russia;
affiliate music store in St. Petersburg located in the very center of the city at Nevsky Prospekt;
wholesale deliveries over Russia and overseas;
web shop;
price-list, ready for downloading, containing more than 3000 titles.

The history of the Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg begins in 1930th, and it is intertwined with the history of the Soviet Union and Russia, and of the national music culture. Our predecessors and teachers managed to live through tragic thirties, disastrous forties, suffering of all those ferocious strugglings first with the formalism, then with the cosmopolitanism to meet at last the long awaited thaw

1930 1956 Muzgiz
1956 1992 All-Union publishing house Sovietsky Kompozitor
(with branches in Moscow and Leningrad).
1992 joint-stock company Compozitor Publishing HouseSaint-Petersburg.

Many staff members of our Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg worked through the epoch of stagnation, greeted the perestroika, sticking to their ideals during hard nineties and managed to preserve this unique culture, the traditions of publishing that nowadays are cherished by the youngest members of our staff, who chose the occupation of engraver or editor.

We are proud of our cooperation with the heirs of the great Russian composers of the 20th century: Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitri Shostakovich, Vladimir Shcherbachyov, Aram Hachaturyan, Alfred Schnittke, Valery Gavrilin...
During the Soviet period we had a wonderful possibility to work together with such prominent composers from the neighbouring republics as Arvo Pärt and Velo Tormis (Estonia), Vitautas Barkauskas (Lithuania), Raimond Pauls (Latvia), Igor Luchenok (Byelorussia)We try to keep in touch with them despite all the borders between our countries, many of their compositions are still honour our catalogue.

Among our partners there are

  • the St. Petersburg Composers Union,
  • the St. Petersburg State N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire,
  • Russian Institute of the History of Art of the Russian Academy of Science,
  • St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music,
  • the Mariinsky Theatre
  • the Bolshoy Theatre
  • other prominent performing groups and symphonic orchestras,
  • the newspaper Muzykalnoye Obozreniye (Music Review).

We cooperate often with our foreign partners New York City Ballet (USA), National Ballet of Canada, Het National Ballet (Holland); San Francisco Ballet (USA); Liepajas Simfoniskais Orkestris, (Latvia); Orchestre Prométhée, (France); American Symphony Orchestra, (USA); United Nations Association International Choir, (USA).