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Musical offering to the future
— is a long shot project aimed to support musical education in Russia. It is a program of sponsoring the acquisition by libraries of music schools, colleges and other music education bodies of scores and music books.
The project is sponsored by St Petersburg city and Leningrad region government, by industrial enterprises, by civil organizations, personal sponsorship is also a large part of a support.
This project emerged back in 2005 and it was developed by ‘Compozitor (SPb) Publishing house’ together with the foundation St Petersburg Heritage and Prospect.
During 5 years o the project 64 educational establishments of St Petersburg, Pskov, Novgorod, Tcherepovetz, Krasnodar received more than 10 000 scores, books and other titles.

Compozitor (SPb) Publishing house General Manager, Svetlana Tairova says:

This project can not and must not resolve all the problems that music establishment encounters. Its purpose is simple and noble – to ensure that children and youth who dedicate themselves to music receive all the needed materials.

I would like to recall one small conversation that the founder of Sankt Petersburg Conservatoire, prominent pianist and composer of XIX century Anton Rubinstein once had with some German patron of arts. The latter, after one of the brilliant performances of the former, asked him:

What can I do for you? How can I help you? What do you dream of?
Rubinstein returned:
I dream of music library for my Conservatoire.

We deem very important to provide students and all artists with quality note material. Our aim also is bringing to naught the usage of low quality copied scores, since it is uncomfortable and very often illegal.
We are glad that every year many children from numerous music schools participate in concerts that are dedicated to this project.
We are grateful to teachers and parents of children who are faithful to music in our times.
We are also very grateful to St Petersburg Concert organizations like Capella, House of Composers that provide their splendid concert halls to those concerts.