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Ruslania Books LTD

Who we are?
Ruslania is one of the largest whole sellers and distributors of Russian books, films, music and periodicals. The company also has probably the largest selection of Russian sheet music titles in the World outside Russia.
Since the market in Finland is limited, Ruslania has been developing it's international business strongly in recent years. The book store has customers in all continents. Thanks to it's strategic location in Finland, the company has good connections to Russia as well as very quick and reliable deliveries to all countries.

Producer centre ART-ASSEMBLIES

—Organises and spends: festivals, competitions, concerts, exhibitions, balls, assemblies, exclusive cultural actions,
children's festivals and competitions, charitable actions, socially-significant projects;
Carries out cultural support of the governmental actions, cultural programs for symposiums, forums,
the congresses, conferences, business and political meetings;
Makes documentary films, teleprograms, musical disks;
Is engaged in publishing.

    - Bayan and Accordion in St. Petersburg

Lot of useful information about bayan and accordion life in St. Petersburg and Russia:
• performers soloists, ensembles, orchestras;
catalogue of biggest publishing program “S. P. M. E. Editions” (Editions of St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble) more than 150 books;
CD and DVD etc.

The is the St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Centre for new music, which engages an ongoing program of development work to promote new Russian music at home and abroad. The Center is an organization the takes an active role in organizing concerts, innovative projects and contemporary music festivals in St. Petersburg, Russia, A magazine, Financial support for organizations working in the sphere of new music in St-Petersburg, Publishing CDs and scores. The organization supports and promotes contemporary music especially of the newer Russian generation of composers.
Tel: +78129519426, Tel/Fax: +78129519413
Address: Ulitsa Soyuza Pechatnikov, 19, lit. A, pom. 4-N, St. Petersburg, Russia 190121