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Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns. Reference book for musicians. Complete In 2 volumes

Collected works. Vol. 7. Balzaminov's Marriage. Ballet. Score

Series String Orchestra Library. World Music Masterpieces Orchestrated by G.Korchmar. 24 Preludes. Op. 34. Score (+CD)

Collected Works. Series VI. Chamber Works. Vol. 1. P. 4. Sonata 3 for violin and piano. Piano score and part

Anthology. The Russian Secular Choir Music A Cappella. XIX early XX. Vol. 4. Rimsky-Korsakov

The Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg offers educational aids for teachers and pupils of children music schools and children arts schools, students and teachers of professional and high culture and arts schools, books and encyclopedias for music-lovers and all the ones interesting in culture and art history.

The Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg should mark especially such contribution to the world classics as Clavierubung and flute sonatas by J. S. Bach, where the new textological edition is fulfilled by T. V. Shabalina, doctor of art, professor of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire.
The Compozitor Publishing House Saint-Petersburg has realized the first publication of J. S. Bachs cantata Mein Herz schwimmt im Blut ( BWV 199, Köten version), reconstructed on the base of the composers autograph preserved art the Pushkin House and having been unknown until the recent time.


Letters of Dmitri Schostakovich to Boris Tishchenko. Translated to English;

Home conservatoire for conductors Conducting Lessons of Professor Musin.Vade mecum. Lectures Digest with Music Supplement and 2 DVD with video-lessons of Ilya Alexandrovich Musin in Russian and English languages.