Arapov B. Chamber and symphonic music

Arapov B. Chamber and symphonic music

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Arapov B.
Author (full):
Boris Arapov
Title (full):
Chamber and symphonic music
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Boris Alexandrovich Arapov (1905-1992) – the distinguished Russian composer and teacher having fostered several generations of composers. Among his disciples are such personalities as Gennady Banshchikov, Leonid Desyatnikov, Alexander Knaifel, Sergei Slonimsky. Since 1930 his activity was tightly welded with the Leningrad (Petersburg) Conservatoire (given the professor title in 1940), where in 1974 he became the head of the composition faculty working there selflessly up to the last breath. 

Arapov’s heritage embraces three operas, the ballet, seven symphonies, numerous symphony and chamber-instrumental compositions, vocal and piano music.


Soul and Body (op. of 1991). Vocal cycle for baritone and piano to the memory by N. Gumilyov and O. Mandelstam.

1    Night Silence Sailing Over the Town. Verses by N. Gumilyov      3.58

2    The Body’s Given to Me, What’s It For? Verses by O. Mandelstam      2.44

3    And not Just in the World. Verses by N. Gumilyov      3.43

4    Judea Petrified. Verses by O. Mandelstam      2.28

5    Sultry Dusk Covers the Bed. Verses by O. Mandelstam      1.09

6    Epilogue. Verses by N. Gumilyov      2.40

Andrey Slavny (baritone), Irina Sharapova (piano)

7    Music for string orchestra, violoncello, piano and percussion. Revelation of St. John Theologian. (op. of 1989)      19.25

Concert chamber ensemble of the St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Art director Mikhail Estrin. Conducted by Valentin Nesterov

Symphony No7 (op. of 1991)

8      Moderato risoluto e espressivo      13.59
9      Scherzo      5.51
10    Adagio      6.58
11    Finale. Allegro Tempo di Valse vivo 10.38

Symphony orchestra. Conducted by Ravil Martynov

Total time: 73.38

Arapov B.
Author (full)
Boris Arapov
Title (full)
Chamber and symphonic music
Number of pages