Falik Yu. Symphony and Chamber Music. Selected Works (CD)

Falik Yu. Symphony and Chamber Music. Selected Works (CD)

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Falik Yu.
Author (full):
Yuriy Falik
Title (full):
Symphony and Chamber Music. Selected Works
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Yuri FALIK (1936–2009) was the disciple of the acknowledged Stolyarsky music school in Odessa. Studying in the Leningrad conservatoire he acquired two specialities: cello (prof. A. Strimer) and composition (prof. B. Arapov). Post-graduate education (M. Rostro-povich). Falik was a professor of composition and instrumentation perfoming as a conductor all over the Russian cities and abroad. Among his creations there are many opuses of diverse genres. Numerous chamber and choral compositions by Falik are perpetually performed all over the world by the European and American ensembles and choral groups. Such conductors as Ye. Svetlanov, G. Rozhdestvensky, M. Janssons, V. Gergiev, A. Dmitriyev, V. Yampolsky (USA), M. di Bonaventura (USA), S. Edwards (UK) included Falik’s symphony compositions to their repertoire.


Trio for Oboe, Violoncello and Piano (1959)
Symphony No 1 for String Orchestra and Percussion (1963)
String Quartet No 2. In memory of Yu. Balkashyn (1965)
Buffoons. Concerto for Winds and Percussion. Dedicated to V. Buyanovsky (1966)
Concerto No 1 for Full Symphony Orchestra. After the legends about Till Eulenspiegel (1967)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra. Dedicated to V. Liberman (1971)
Sinfonia leggiera (1971)
String Quartet No 3. Dedicated to the S. I. Taneyev Quartet (1974)
Mourning Mass for Igor Stravinsky (Elegiac Music) (1975)
String Quartet No 4. In memory of D. Shostakovich (1976)
Concerto No 2 (Symphonic Etudes) for Orchestra. Dedicated to G. Rozhdestvensky (1977)
String Quartet No 5. Dedicated to V. Ovcharek (1978)
The Praying Man’s Voice (Five Poems by Anna Akhmatova) (1978)
String Quartet No 6. Dedicated to the Komitas Quartet (1984)
Ringaday. Vocal-symphonic cycle. Dedicated to D. Kitayenko (1986)
Concerto della Passione for Violoncello and Orchestra. Dedicated to N. Gutman (1988)
Polly and the Dinosaurs. Musical fairy-tale (1989)
String Quartet No 7. Dedicated to the Fine Arts Quartet (1993)
Symphony No 2 “Kaddish”. Dedicated to Ye. Svetlanov (1993)
Mass for Soloists, Mixed Choir and Chamber Orchestra (1996)
String Quartet No 8. Dedicated to E. Ruchyevskaya (2001)
Symphony No 3 “Canto in memoria”. In memory of V. Liberman (2005)

Falik Yu.
Author (full)
Yuriy Falik
Title (full)
Symphony and Chamber Music. Selected Works
Number of pages