Tchaikovsky P. Twelve Pieces arranged for harp

Tchaikovsky P. Twelve Pieces arranged for harp

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Tchaikovsky P.
Author (full):
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Title (full):
Twelve Pieces arranged for harp by K. Erdeli
Number of pages:

The “Compozitor Publishing House • Sankt Petersburg” is glad to represent the new edition “Twelve Pieces by Р. I. Tchaikovsky” arranged for harp by Xenia Erdeli.

The distinguished Russian harpist Xenia Erdeli (1878–1970) devoted over 70 years to the performing activity, meanwhile her pedagogical nature caused the whole galaxy of professional musicians to appear. Being а talented editor, Xenia Erdeli arranged for harp the piano compositions, belonging to different time. Thus the collection of Tchaikovsky pieces for harp appeared with her exact edition. 

The pieces are taken from different opuses of the composer. Tchaikovsky created the piano miniatures during all his life, considering them to be the kind of “palette” for getting the utmostly keen musical hints. Those sounds were stained with his sometimes vague emotions, which the composer used to be visited by. Such instantaneous feelings were to burst out into long-Iаsting overwhelming exaltations or anguishing obsessions, giving birth to mental apparitions. That could have been the reason of the following circumstance, which nearly became the regularity in Tchaikovsky’s creative process. It was noticed, that the great large-scaled canvases were usually anticipated by the miniatures. The composer seemed to prepare his long conceptions through the short ones. Here we adduce the excerpt of Tchaikovsky’s letter: “During the recent spring and summer months I had to travel а lot and therefore I composed, but not much, i. е. the series of piano pieces, several romances (to the words by the young talented poet Daniel Rathaus) and the symphony (the Sixth Symphony, op. 74). I did put really the whole soul into this symphony...”»

Our contemporary, the harpist Irina Donskaya, thinks, that the arrangements of Tchaikovsky’s pieces, fulnlled by Xenia Erdeli, are not just the brilliant concert turns, but also the kind of studio and treasury, where the main complicated methods of harp playing are worked out.


Far Past. Ор. 72, №1 (Music text example)
Nata-Waltz. Ор. 51, №4
Romance. Ор. 51, №5
Larkin Song. Ор. 37 bis №3
Waltz. Ор. 40, №9
The White Night. Ор. 16, №1 (Music text example)
Lullaby. Ор. 16, №1
Sentimental Waltz. Ор. 51, №6
Barcarolla. Ор. 37 bis №6
Lyrical Moment. Arranged for harp by J. V. Safonov
Autumnl Song. Ор. 37 bis №10
On Troika. Ор. 37 bis №11

Tchaikovsky P.
Author (full)
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Title (full)
Twelve Pieces arranged for harp by K. Erdeli
Number of pages