Radvilovich A. Pushkin. Chamber Symphony in Five Epigraphs. Score

Radvilovich A. Pushkin. Chamber Symphony in Five Epigraphs. Score

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Radvilovich A.
Author (full):
Alexandr Radvilovich
Title (full):
Pushkin. Chamber Symphony in Five Epigraphs. Score
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The composer, pianist and teacher Alexander Yuryevich Radvilovich (born in 1955) originates from St Petersburg. Having graduated from the Petersburg Conservatoire, where he studied composition at professor S. M. Slonimsky, Radvilovich was the probationer at special seminars in Poland, Holland and Germany. Just there the composer conferred with W. Lutoslavsky, T. de Leeuw, P. H. Dittrich, B. Ferneyhough.

Alexander Radvilovich adheres to the most modern tradition of the European music in his own art. He was awarded the prizes of the Queen Marie-Jos? International Competition (Geneva, Switzerland, 1992) and the J. W. Stamitz International Competition (Esslingen, Germany, 1998).

Among the compositions by A. Radvilovich there are two symphonies, symphonic poem “Legend About Violinist”, Three Instrumental Concertos: for English Horn, for Clavecin, for Violin, Chamber symphony “Pushkin”, Sinfonia sacra for choir and ensemble, Four Psalms for piano “De profundis temporum”, chamber opera “Hindrance” to the verses by D. Harms, “Ruin of the Gods” — postlude to Verdi's memory, “The Boy at Christ's New Year Celebration” (after reading F. Dostoyevsky) for string quartet, percussion and audio-recording, comical mini-opera “Let's Write Fairy-tale” for two soloists and choir, “Sequences to the Memory of Luciano Berio” for female choir, string orchestra and percussion, anti-utopia “Big Brother” for soloists, choir and ensemble to the texts by Orwell, Huxley, Zamiatin and Hesse, so as vocal, choral, chamber-instrumental compositions, music for children.

Alexander Radvilovich is the member of the Russian Composer's Union, secretary of the St. Petersburg Composer's Union. Once he established the International New Music Programme “Sound Ways”. At present time Radvilovich carries on pedagogical activity in the Petersburg Conservatoire and in the Humanitarian University, taking part in concert tours as a composer, pianist and leader of the “Sound Ways” ensemble performing modern music, organizes lectures in Russian and foreign institutes and at world master-courses in Europe, Asia and the USA. Alexander Radvilovich is the first Russian composer to have reported the International New Music Summer Courses in Darmstadt (1992, 1994).

His music is transmitted by Mass Media Companies in many countries, while his compositions are published in Russia, Holland and the USA.

Radvilovich A.
Author (full)
Alexandr Radvilovich
Title (full)
Pushkin. Chamber Symphony in Five Epigraphs. Score
Number of pages