Desyatnikov L. Nachklänge aus dem Theater. Pieces

Desyatnikov L. Nachklänge aus dem Theater. Pieces

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Desyatnikov L.
Author (full):
Leonid Desyatnikov
Title (full):
Nachklänge aus dem Theater. Pieces for piano
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LEONID DESYATNIKOV (born in 1955) is one of the most oroginal and widely performed among the Petersburgian composers. He is a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory and a member of the Composers Union. He has been a freelance composer since 1984. 

Young composers often make their living with incidental music. Such was the case of Leonid Desyatnikov who wrote in his early years a lot of music for puppet shows and dramatic performances. Later the author collected some pieces together forming the suite “Reminiscences of the Theatre”, the title being of course a reminiscence of Robert Schumann’s famous opus.

The waltz “Tribute to Dickens” was written for symphony orchestra being based on themes from the music for the performance of Dickens’ “The Cricket on the Hearth” in the Leningrad Theatre for the Young. Some years ago the piano version of the waltz was made by the author granting the editor’s request. 

Igor Stravinsky once said that the only purpose of the film music is to feed the composer. Nevertheless, when such music is good it is often played at concerts even if the film itself is long forgotten. Desyatnikov’ s film music is always an event — not only for cinema-goers. His suites for the films “Sunset”, Moscow” just as the presented here fragments from “Moscow Nights” and “Giselle’s mania” have long lived in their own right at concerts. 

The four-handed “Album for Eilika” (1982) allows a mere beginner to play easily the first part, the second one being designed for his elder colleague or a teacher.

Both suites are published unabridged for the first time, as well as the concert pieces. The painter Nicola Samonov has made illustrations exclusively for this edition. The CD with full recording of the published works is attached.


Nachklänge aus dem Theater (Theatre Recalls). Suite for piano
     1. Overture. Masque (Music text example)
     2. From Kashchey’s Life
     3. Vaudeville
     4. Jamais... (Elegy)
     5. Rondo-chase
     6. Little Bells (to the memory of E. Rosenfeld)
     7. Finale. Masque (Music text example)
In Honour of Dickens Waltz
Nocturne from the music to the film Giselle Obsession (listen to the fragment from the Nocturne)
Credit Titles from the film Moscow Nights
Album for Eilika. Suite for piano in four hands
     1. Homesickness (Music text example)
     2. Air with the Bell
     3. Children’s Disco
     4. Medieval Dance

Desyatnikov L.
Author (full)
Leonid Desyatnikov
Title (full)
Nachklänge aus dem Theater. Pieces for piano
Number of pages