Falz-Fein A. Russian Estate's Music

Falz-Fein A. Russian Estate's Music

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Falz-Fein A.
Author (full):
Alexandr Falz-Fein
Title (full):
Russian Estate's Music. From baron Eduard von Falz-Fein's family arshive. Album for piano
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From the Publishers

You are welcome to skim through the piano album, kindly given by Baron Eduard Alexandrovich von Falz-Fein to the Compozitor Publishing House • St. Petersburg. Eduard von Falz-Fein belongs to the galaxy of the most brilliant and noteworthy representatives of the Russian nobility. 

The Baron was born at the beginning of the 20th century in 1912. The Falz-Feins were kindred with such eminent Russian families as the Yepanchins, Dostoyevskys, Nabokovs... Eduard's great-grandfather in the mother's line, the Admiral Aleksey Pavlovich Yepanchin (1823–1913) served as the St. Petersburg Naval College's head. As to the Baron's grandfather Nikolai Alekseyevich Yepanchin (1857–1941), he got the position of the director at the Imperial Page Corps of His Majesty (the High Military School in Russia). The historical work “Serving to Three Emperors” by Nikolai Yepanchin has been recognized and studied. 

The Falz-Feins founded the amazing nature reserve “Ascania-Nova” amongst the deserted expanses of the Southern Russia. 

The 20th century made the whole humanity drain the cup of its ordeals to dregs. Russia was destined to suffer more than any country in the world. It was to pass through destructive wars, revolutions and bloody terror... People were shot. They were left to rot behind the torture-chambers and concentration camps. The ones who managed to escape occurred to be the refugees in the foreign lands... 

It was in 1917, when the Falz-Feins departed from Russia. The noble family was doomed to endure all possible hardships of emigration... Nowadays Baron Eduard von Falz-Fein resides in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Meanwhile, this is Russia to be his passion forever. He has been making for the Russian cultural heritage to be returned back to the Motherland, having been deprived of it during the evil age. Being the generous and unselfish Maecenas, Baron Falz-Fein was awarded the Peoples’ Friendship Order. 

There is a remarkable place called the Villa Ascania-Nova in Liechtenstein . Eduard von Falz-Fein seems to have transferred his family’s spirit abroad, outside his former estate to the new one. This is the true museum of Russia in the Western Europe. The Baron's archive embraces valuable documents revealing the main landmarks of the Russian history. However, there is something bosom in this collection, that attracts musicians most of all. Here you are invited to penetrate into the opuses by Alexandre Falz-Fein (1864–1914), the Baron’s father, whose many-sided nature was once poured into sounds. 

Eduard Alexandrovich wished his musical heritage to be published in Russia. 

Let's glance back, let's see the past, lost far away in the old Russian mode of life. This piano album is the kind of reminiscence about the long forgotten music of the Russian estate.


Day of Celebration. Walzes (Music text example
The Gavrilovka March
Russian Polka
Liechtenstein Romance (Music text example

Falz-Fein A.
Author (full)
Alexandr Falz-Fein
Title (full)
Russian Estate's Music. From baron Eduard von Falz-Fein's family arshive. Album for piano
Number of pages