Getalova O. Comp. Russian Piano Miniature Masterpieces

Getalova O. Comp. Russian Piano Miniature Masterpieces

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Getalova O. Comp. by
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Compiled by Olga Getalova
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Russian Piano Miniature Masterpieces
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The collection of the Russian Piano Miniature Masterpieces is the brilliant present prepared by the Compozitor Publishing House • Saint-Petersburg” to both professional pianists and home music-lovers.

Scamper along these pages and enjoy charming sounds flowing out of them — the history of the Russian salon pianism shall feature before you… Descending from the end of the 18th century — the beginning of the 19th century the piano art achieved its flourishment in contemporaneity. Gorgeous polygraph design will make this collection to be the real library attraction.

The pieces are clear by their texture, therefore being accessible for the senior students of music schools and colleges. Diverse scale of miniature genres (among which there are the waltz, mazurka, tarantella, classic dances and stylized as salon ones, romance, serenade, songs, nocturne, elegy, preludes, programme pieces) allow every executant to find music consonant with the state of mind.

Isn’t it the highest purport of the human-being’s connection with the art itself?


A. S. Griboyedov. TWO WALTZES 
M. I. Glinka. MAZURKA  
M. I. Glinka. PARTING. Nocturne  
P. I. Tchaikovsky. NOCTURNE. Op. 19, № 4  
P. I. Tchaikovsky. APRIL. SNOW-DROP. From the cycle "Seasons". Op. 37 bis  
P. I. Tchaikovsky. OCTOBER. AUTUMN SONG. From the cycle “Seasons”. Op. 37 bis  
S. V. Rakhmaninov. ELEGY. Op. 3, № 1  
S. V. Rakhmaninov. MELODY. Op. 3, № 3  
A. G. Rubinstein. ROMANCE. From the cycle “Petersburgian Evenings”. Op. 44, № 1  
A. K. Glazunov. MINIATURE  
A. K. Lyadov. MUSICAL SNUFF-BOX. Waltz-Humoresque. Op. 32  
A. K. Lyadov. PRELUDE. Op. 36, № 3  
A. K. Lyadov. PRELUDE. Op. 40, № 3  
M. P. Musorgsky. OLD CASTLE. From the cycle “Pictures from the Exhibition”  
A. P. Borodin. SERENADE. From the Little Suite  
A. P. Borodin. NOCTURNE. From the Little Suite  
A. T. Grechaninov. STARRY NIGHT    
A. T. Grechaninov. PRELUDE. Op. 37, № 2    
R. M. Glier. SHEET FROM THE ALBUM. Op. 31, № 11  
R. M. Glier. PRELUDE. Op. 43, № 1  
D. D. Shostakovich. ROMANCE. From the cycle “Dolls’ Dances”
S. M. Slonimsky. THUMBELINA. From the cycle “From Five to Fifty”  
S. M. Slonimsky. NORTHERN SONG. From the cycle “From Five to Fifty”  
L. A. Desyatnikov. NOCTURNE. From the music to the film “Giselle Obsession”  
S. P. Banevich. PETERSBURGIAN ELEGY. From the cycle “Petersburgian Pages”  
Yu. A. Falik. AUTUMN EVENING. From the cycle “Children’s Album”  
A. P. Smelkov. “PETER IS FEASTING”. Ode to the Poltava Victory

Ensembles for piano in four hands

V. A. Gavrilin. WALTZ. From the ballet “Anyuta”. Edited by R. Kharadzhanian  
S. P. Banevich. WALTZ “PETERSBURG”. From the ballet of the same name. Arranged by the author   
V. A. Sapozhnikov. JOURNEY TO THE HEAVENS (In carriage along the Nevsky prospect)

Ensembles for two pianos

V. A. Gavrilin. TARANTELLA. From the ballet “Anyuta”  
V. D. Bibergan. PROMENADE. From the cycle “The Far Near”  

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Getalova O. Comp. by
Author (full)
Compiled by Olga Getalova
Title (full)
Russian Piano Miniature Masterpieces
Number of pages