Old Russian Composers. 111 masterpieces. In four voiumes. Vol. 1

Old Russian Composers. 111 masterpieces. In four voiumes. Vol. 1

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Old Russian Composers. 111 masterpieces. In four voiumes. Volume 1
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Dear friends!

The Compozitor Publishing House (St Petersburg) calls your attention to the four parts, united byу the title “Old Russian Romance. 111 masterpieces“.

“Old romance” is the set expression capable itself to evoke in one's mind some vivid and distinct pictures connected with the whole age's life.

Though the authors of this genre are not known too well or sometimes simply forgotten, their miniature creations are very often aroused in our conscience already together with the first sounds or words. “Old romance”, however, is also the kind of special disposition, an attitude to reality, utterly independent of the time. Whenever these small masterpieces are created, all of them become the part of our musical life today. That's why the romances in this exact edition are located according to the Russian alphabet succession, but not to the chronology.

This edition is useful both for professional musicians and just music-lovers. This material is to bе appreciated especially as the manual for working in the vocal and concertmaster classes.

So, savour of the “Old romance” and let your heart “moan plaintively” and your “eyes grow sad with the tear” “in the beams of purple sunset”.


V ABAZA. Foggy Morning. Words bу I. Turgenev (Music text example)
А. ALYABYEV. And I'll Come to the Porch... Words bу А. Delvig
А. ALYABYEV. Beggar. Words by P.-J. Beranger, translated by D. Lensky
N. AMANI. Oh, Dear, How Fine... Words by А. Apukhtin
V. BAKALEYNIKOV. Little Bells. Words by А. Kusikov
В. В. The Weeping Willows Me Slumbering. Words by А. Timofeyev
V. BEKKER. Wood Tale. Arranged by Yu. Slonov. Words by V. Krylov
G. BEREZOVSKY. Darken, oh My Eyes... Words by А. Koltsov
Yu. BLEIKHMAN. My Mouth Is Quiet... Words by F. Belozorov
Р. BOLDYREV. Ballad About Joker. Words by N. Manykin-Nеvstruуеv
В. BORISOV. I Dreamt of the Wedding-Сlothed Garden... Words by Ye. Diteriks
D. BOTARY. I Sing Again... Arranged by V. Semyonov. Words by the unknown author
Р. BULAKHOV. Shine, Shine, My Star... Words by V. Chuyevsky
Р. BULAKHOV. Oh, My Bluebells. Words by А. К. Tolstoy (Music text example)
Р. BULAKHOV. Rendezvous. Words by N. Grekov
М. VAVICH (music and words). Irreparable Anguish and Pangs
А. VARLAMOV. Gratitude. Words by М. Lermontov
А. VARLAMOV. Red Sarafan. Words by N. Tsyganov
А. VARLAMOV. Reminiscence. Words by the unknown author
V. VRANGEL. You Are My Morning. Words by М. Davidova
Ye. GREVE-SOBOLEVSKAYA. Both Silently and Clearly. Words by М. Josefovich, translated by К. Medvedsky
G. GOT. Remember, at Night Time... Words by К. R.
А. GURILYOV. Both Dull and Sadly... Words by М. Lermontov
А. GUERCHIA. No, Не Didn't Love... Words by Е. Delpreite, translated by М. Medvedev
А. DARGOMYZHSKY. Sixteen Years. Words by А. Delvig
А. JOYCE. Autumn Sleep. Words by F. Kosatkin-Rostovskу (Music text example)

Title (full)
Old Russian Composers. 111 masterpieces. In four voiumes. Volume 1
Number of pages